Of noble stones and noble character

What gemstone lovers, art collectors, aesthetes and fans of German craftsmanship appreciate about our jewellery manufacture in Baden-Baden? It is the striking combination of the most diverse materials, which one would not necessarily consider to be part of the goldsmith's craft right away: In addition to the precious metals that we use, exotic woods, iron, bronze and stainless steel create the exciting settings for fascinating coloured gemstones, natural diamonds and exquisite baroque pearls. The result is a unique blend of modernity and splendour, clarity and sensuality, innovation and tradition. 

Since 1996, our masterpieces have been standing for their unique style, which is based primarily on the influences of Bauhaus architecture, classical and modern art, and travelling. The courageous and powerful designs of our family business are always one of a kind and are characterized thoroughly by refined craftsmanship. With incredible attention to detail and a never-ending perfectionism, we set gemstones and link single components flexibly. At first glance, however, this is rarely visible. In the centre of attention is instead a distinctive design. This can be characterised by minimalism and sophistication, sometimes by elegance and opulence or by organic and natural shapes. 

Juwelen und Schmiede Hutschenreuter Baden-Baden

The main role of each creation is being played by unique coloured gemstones. As a gemmologist and diamond expert I love them particularly and I search them for my customers all over the world. Within this process nature always dictates the shape of the jewels and with us even pairs of earrings do not have to be mirror-like. On the contrary. As with a human face where two sides are never identical, the interaction with asymmetry makes our pieces of jewellery particularly attractive. Where others may see irregularity, Hutschenreuter finds an overwhelming beauty that is translated into perfect jewels. Into individual pieces that are unique like every human being. 

But the second glance is also worth the while and always provides a moment of surprise: with unusual details we add a very special appeal to our jewellery. There are, for example, diamonds that we set "upside down" – it means, the crown of the stone faces downwards – which makes them sparkle in a subtle way. Or the beautifully and exquisitely crafted backs of each of our jewels for an intimate treat. In addition to the pure admiration for elaborate craftsmanship, such unexpected effects generate something much more important – emotion. It is the centre of every creation, that we dedicate to self-confident and multi-faceted women. To women of their very own kind who, instead of searching for prestige objects, are looking for treasures of sculptural elegance, gems with a soul and individual jewellery full of character. 

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